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Watching the clock during school just got harder!

Remember how you would watch the clock constantly during school...praying for time to pass quicker LOL!

Well, our kids still do that today...but there is a new clock that is being marketed to school around the country that will make that activity a little more challenging!

It's called the "Albert Clock"...and it makes kids have to do math to determine what time it is!

For example, let's say they're in the middle of one of their teacher's lessons and they wonder how much time this misery is going to last LOL!

They take a peek up at the clock and see:

9 / 3 + 5 h

5 x 8 - 9 min

So, they have to do a little math to come up with the answer! By the way, that's 8:31, if you're playing at your computer LOL!


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