DWTS Blog: My Top 3 for this week...

Last night was 'Most Memorable Year' night on DWTS!  That usually means a lot of emotion...and last night didn't fail to bring it!  There were some personal stories that just tugged at your heart strings!  

As for the dancing...there was really only one choice for my #1 dance of the night...Rashad & Emma's contemporary stole the show! 

My #2 and #3 dance choices were really close...but I'll give the slight edge for the second spot to Nancy & Artem's Foxtrot! (I think Nancy's story is what swayed me here!) 

And #3 was the great rumba from Normani & Val!

As to the elimination, I guess Mr. T really did have to go...as I think he was the low dance on the totem pole.  But I was impressed by him and I think he actually has a lot of class!  However, I'm not a Erika Jayne fan...so it wouldn't upset me if she was next on the list.

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