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Personality Test: Quick...which animal do you see first?!

It might seem like a jumble of images at first, but he more carefully you look, the more clearly some shapes take form.

This simple little exercise can uncover a lot about the way you think and your mental agility. Depending on the kinds of animals you spot, you might be a right-brained, creative thinker with strong artistic interests and a free-spirit.

Peer at the image for a few minutes and write down what you see, then scroll for an explanation of each picture's true meaning:

What is the first animal you saw? How quickly could you identify the other animals? How many and which animals did you spot?

Personality Traits:

The Bird: If you see this first, you are more outgoing and expressive than others.

The Crab: If you saw this first, you are a happier person with a good sense of humor.

The Bird & The Crab: People who see both images first are sensitive and in touch with their true emotions.

The Horse: This image jumps out for people who are independent and free-spirited

The Dolphin: You're a creative and artistic person

See the other animals in the picture at SHARED.COM

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