DWTS Blog: My Top 3 and P.U. Performance for this week...

Vegas Night was pretty good last night...with lots of 9's popping up on the paddles from the judges!

There were a lot of great dances and, since this is my blog, I'm going to tell you my favorite was based on emotion more than dancing ability!  So, even though it may not have been the most technically superior performance of the night, this is the one that made me laugh the most...in a good way!  #1 for me, hands down...was David & Lindsay's Jazz!

Okay...#2 & #3 for me this week is VERY close!  But, I'll lean toward...Nancy & Artem's Samba!

And a whisker away at the #3 spot for me was...Normani & Val's cool Foxtrot! 

The P.U. Performance was an easy choice for me...Charo & Keo's Foxtrot!

Well, it turns out that was Charo's last dance of the competition...as she got the heave ho last night!

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