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Did Bob Dylan Lie To Us Or Was It All Make Believe ?????

Some are crying foul as we are getting nearer to seeing a filmed Bob Dylan show....

Here's the scoop then you can watch the trailer and begin judging for yourself...

In typical Bob Dylan fashion, his virtual show this week, Shadow Kingdom, was shrouded in mystery, with many of his fans questioning whether it was actually live.

It wouldn't be such a shocker, since Dylan hasn't performed since December of 2019. Rolling Stone even picked up on it, posting, "6 Questions We Have After Sunday’s Virtual Show."

The two most glaring ones are:

Were the musicians playing live?

"Sharp-eyed fans noticed that their hand movements didn’t always match the music we were hearing. There was also a moment when a [Fender] Telecaster [guitar] appeared to be unplugged.

The odds are very high that much of the music was prerecorded, if not all of it. The same goes for Dylan’s vocals, which probably explains why a large microphone and well-placed shadows made it hard to see his lips move much of the time."

Where was this filmed?

"The end credits thank the 'Bon Bon Club in Marseille' but there’s no way that Dylan and a large film crew schlepped over to France to film this thing in the midst of a pandemic. Besides, there’s no such club in Marseille. In all likelihood, this was a film set somewhere in California...

The audience members were actors in period costumes, and one can only imagine the NDAs they signed before stepping foot onto that set."

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