Cape Cod Family Celebrates Their Creation At The Provincetown Film Festival

While most of us here on Cape Cod were fixing up our backyards during the isolation of the pandemic a Harwich family decided to do what comes naturally

.They shot a film - Just the 4 of them and their dog - with a little help from some friends. The Schuyler family of 4 who are made up of producers, screenwriters and actors went all in on their film 'Red River Road'

The psychological thriller follows the family who are isolating dealing with. like we all were, a pandemic virus... only this one spreads through the internet and a strips you of any abilities to perceive reality leaving them suspecting that one of them may have been infected.

The Provincetown International Film Festival is one of many fests that the film will be shown in. I've seen it and it's great and what's best is that its a Cape Cod family creation.

We all wish Paul, Jade, Quinn & Shaw the very best.

side note: Paul is a movie encyclopedia and is very into independent films. While I was with the family at the Ptown Film Fests Garden Party I witnessed him meeting of of his all time favorites - John Waters... Below is an onsite interview I did with the Schuyler Family and some pics of Paul meeting John Waters...

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