Beware: The Hot Weather Is Making Some Cape Ponds Dangerous To Man & Beast

The Hot weather is making some ponds here on the Cape not so friendly to swimmers whether its humans or canines...

According to State Waters Of Cape Cod : " it's that time of year when we start seeing toxic cyanobacteria blooms. APCC is aware of at least three ponds you should avoid because of a cyanobacteria bloom:

Walkers Pond, Brewster - the town has been advised.

Lower Mill Pond, Brewster - the town has been advised.

Fresh Pond, Falmouth - A visible cyanobacteria scum was seen after it was reported to APCC. A sample of the cyanobacteria scum was collected, and it was composed of DS. The Town Health Department has been notified and an advisory has been posted at the town landing.

If you see what you think is a cyanobacteria bloom, contact your local health department. Avoid contact. Take a photo, note location and date and send to

For more information about cyanobacteria: "

Be careful and plan accordingly...

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