Julian Edelman Still Not Planning To Join Bucs Despite Tom Brady's Trolling

I'm glad to hear Julian saying this... I will def buy him a cold one this Summer at the Beachcomber :)

We know Julian didn’t retire," Brady said on the NFL's Draft-A-Thon livestream on April 29. "Let’s be honest. He’s just too scared to tell Bill [Belichick] he wants to come to Tampa. I’ve been there. Julian Edelman left little wiggle room about his decision to retire.

Brady directed his comments directly at Edelman, who was in the jovial chatroom alongside comedian Kevin Hart, actor/Patriots fan Mark Wahlberg and others. When Edelman didn't immediately refute Brady's claim, he breathed new life into the Bucs rumors.

I'm a one-team guy," the 11-season Patriots veteran told Irvin. "My knee's breaking down," Edelman continued. "I'm not gonna sit here, you know, I got everything I wanted. I got three rings, played in a magical dynasty, with an unbelievable franchise coach, best quarterback of all time, like, yo, I'm not a greedy guy. "I played to win, I played to compete, I don't need anything else to prove. I'm good with what I did, I left it all out on the field."

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