Keith Richards & Friends To Pay Tribute To Cape Cod Legend Joey Spampinato

Keith Richards, Bonnie Raitt and a host of others are paying tribute to Cape Cod Legend & NRBQ Co-Founder Joey Spaminato.

A Sweet Relief Tribute To Joey will be out on June 25th with proceeds going to Sweet Relief and to help Joey with his medical costs from his bout with cancer.

I remember the very first time i met Joey. It was inside the old Baseball Shop in Orleans. We were the only two shopping at the time and the owner Jim Mead introduced us saying Joe this is Joey he's a musician... Joey this is Joe He's a DJ. I immediately said I know just who you are - You and NRBQ are the only people to appear on The Simpsons in real life and not animated.

Last time I saw him was at the grocery store when he and his wife Kami were in line with their supplies.


Below is the clip from the Simpsons

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