Dolphins + A Dropping Tide = IFAW To The Rescue Yesterday In Wellfleet

I was cruising home from a Beech Forest hike yesterday in Provincetown when i was driving through Wellfleet I noticed one of the IFAW Rescue Trucks make a turn at the Old First National building on its way towards Indian Neck. Being a curious George i followed and quickly realized that the dropping tide meant a group of dolphins were in trouble.

Very quickly a group of volunteers and several IFAW vehicles were making it to the scene. Once upon a time I assisted in a rescue of some dolphins at Rock Harbor in Eastham so I know what a well oiled machine this group is. There's never a dull moment for the worldwide organization that calls the Cape their home base.

I had to head home as the crew were approaching the dolphins to carry then to the trucks and release them in deeper water in Ptown.

Here are a few of the pics I snapped and a link to learn all about IFAW's Marine Mammal Rescue Program


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