I Struck Thanksgiving Gold Yesterday In My Town Of Eastham

Here comes Thanksgiving and it's always been my favorite meal of the year. I love the bird, the sides and a few years back i discovered that a side i had always said no to was quickly becoming my most favorite side dish for the holiday.

Turnips are turnips i once thought - that was until i gave into the hype in my hometown of Eastham.

Trust me - Eastham turnips are famous across the country and they taste unlike any others....

Uncommonly large, sweet and white with a purple crown and yes they can't be harvested until the first frost passes and it has.

Yesterday i got word from my friend Sarah who owns the Eastham Superette that round one of the Eastham turnips were in and even though the Annual Turnip Festival is virtual this year and the turnips may be easier to obtain i still had to rush in and stake my claim.

I was also introduced to another Eastham legend - The Squash which i'm told is also unlike any others...

So through the uncertainty of 2020 one thing is for certain. We'll have our town represented on our holiday dinner table...

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