One Of The Outer Capes Most Popular Pups Has Crossed The Rainbow Bridge

It was just a couple of weeks ago i was stocking up on the latest summer wear from the Pump House Surf Shop at the Orleans / Eastham rotary.

While inside i was once again greeted by the pup named 'Tilly' . A good old girl who has traveled far and wide but was always a staple for shoppers at the local surf shop...

Always there, always mellow and never refusing to climb aboard an SUP, Tilly was one of the most loved pups along the outer stretch of Cape Cod...

Everyone knew Tilly, everyone loved Tilly and everyone wishes Tilly all that the rainbow bridge has to offer.

There's no doubt in my mind that Tilly will be first in line when Jamie & Matt join her once again.

Tilly with the Cool Pump House Crew

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