One of my most favorite places on the planet is Truro's 'Grove' yard

I've probably been to the old Pine Grove Grave Yard in Truro at least 100 times over the years.

It's where is go to hunt blueberries... To hike the old cart trails in search of century old horseshoes... but mostly its where i find peace and solitude far away from the sounds of human existence .

It's odd that the area also has a dark past going back to the presence of a serial killer back in the late 60's.

To me it's a chance to unwind and share time with people of the towns past... from American Revolution soldiers to brave souls who took on the seas and lost, to many children taken long before their time....

It's also a place where i love to photograph. There's so much beauty and when you're there time stands still...

Here are some images i captured yesterday... I hope you enjoy them

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