Summer At America’s National Parks Starts With Long Lines & Crowded Trails

The calendar may not say it but many are celebrating the beginning of the Summer season and some aren't helping the COVID-19 Crisis by their actions.

Over the weekend many of the National Parks reopened and the scenes weren't good.

Overcrowding and illegal camping were just a couple of the issues the feds were dealing with as many of my favorites including Zion * Joshua Tree opened up... The scene at Zion was referred to as 'hectic' as the visitor limit closed the gates Saturday morning at 7.

Meanwhile at another of my favorites, Joshua Tree, it was so bad this weekend that people were pitching tents on the side of the road and weren't distancing or wearing masks.

WARNING: If this happens here when our Summer begins then we may be kept from visiting our own beaches based on the actions of a few.

Here's a quick jump over to the Cape Cod National Seashores Virtual Visitors Center