Fascinating Things You Never Knew About Cape Cod... aka Misinformation

I Love it when i see stories about the Cape on the internet. I don't love it when they're full of misinformation which leads me to the line..

...Don't believe everything you read on the internet.

On the surface this seems like a great information guide for the Cape... and most of it is... However, fact checking is crucial no matter what you're adding to the 'net...

Why say 'over 14 lighthouses' when a simple google search reveals there are 16 ?... And why say '8 miles of bike trails' when there are just over 25 ?

What other misinformation has Redbook passed on to their readers...

I know - in the big scheme of things what does it really matter.... I guess it's just my heightened 'crisis' state of mind....

Here are the Fascinating Things

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