It's Marine Animal Rescue Day. Here's A Story Of When I Was Asked To Help.

Where I live on the Outer Cape we're no strangers to Marine Mammal Rescues. IFAW - International Fund For Animals - A worldwide group calls Cape Cod it's home.

It's somewhat often that I see the IFAW vehicles rolling to a marsh, beach or inlet to help stranded and injured marine mammals, usually Whales & Dolphins in need of assistance.

As an avid photographer I have made it to these scenes over the years and in one instance in my hometown of Eastham they needed more manpower so i was asked to step in an assist. It was stressful and rewarding at the same time.

I ended up heading into Orleans to have the poor dolphins blood washed from my eyes...

Here's some pics from my experiences and here's a link to IFAW to learn all about this great team.