We're To Blame For Lack Of Toilet Paper And Hand Sanitizer

Let's face it. We are quick to blame mass hysteria for the lack of toilet paper and hand sanitizer in the supermarket, but, have you stocked up ? I have and i admit the thought of being kept at home or worse for weeks isn't exactly how i wish to welcome springtime here on Cape Cod.

Coronavirus sparks toilet paper panic buy - Thumbnail Image

Coronavirus sparks toilet paper panic buy

I'm not like my friend Harry. Last night he posted on social media a photo of his car full of toilet paper and stated that he just dropped 80 dollars in a matter of minutes.

Some say pump the brakes while others are saying worse when they take the turn down the toilet paper aisle at the supermarket.

T.P. and Hand Sanitizer are the Cape version of Milk and Bread when a storm approaches. Remember to check on your elderly neighbors and if by chance they're not feeling well drop off a few rolls along with some chicken noodle soup