Impossible Question 1-11-2019

What is the #1 job billionaires and multi-millionaires had before they became rich?

The answer: Sales

THE NO. 1 JOB BILLIONAIRES AND MULTI-MILLIONAIRES HAD BEFORE THEY BECAME FILTHY RICHMany of today’s self-made billionaires, and multi-millionaires held sales job(s) when they were younger — a fact they consider crucial to their current success, according to research conducted by sociologist and historian Rainer Zitelmann and published in his recent book “The Wealth Elite.” Zitelmann interviewed 45 individuals, whose net worth ranged on the lowest end from 10 to 30 million euros (roughly $11.4 to $34.2 million) and on the highest end up to several billion euros (more than $3 billion dollars), who were either entirely self-made, or inherited some money but went on to multiply their fortunes. “To date, researchers have either underestimated or ignored the critical role of sales skills in self-made, ultra-high net worth individuals,” Zitelmann said.“Among those in our study, it was the factor they considered played the most important role in their success.” Indeed, roughly two in three said that their talents as salespeople had been a “significant” factor in their financial success. More than one in three said they owed 70% or more of their success to their talents as salespeople. So what sales jobs did they have early on? Almost any: They sold everything from costume jewelry and cosmetics to used car radios and wheel rims —and even old egg cartons that could be used as noise insulation.