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Attempting to Sound Smarter on National Thesaurus Day With These Word Swaps

Today is National Thesaurus Day. We celebrate it on January 18th as the original author of the Roget's Thesaurus, Peter Mark Roget, was born on this day on 1779. The first Thesaurus, Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases, was published in 1852. So let's celebrate with using some easily interchangeable words to make ourselves feel like true intellectuals (see what happened right there?)!

1. Instead of "happy" . . . say "delighted."

2. Instead of "worried" . . . say "agitated."

3. Instead of "begin" . . . say "commence."

4. Instead of "think about" . . . say "contemplate."

5. Instead of "I love you" . . . say "I adore you."

6. Instead of "It's cold out" . . . say "It's frigid."

7. Instead of "wrong" . . . say "erroneous."

8. Instead of "fast" . . . say "expeditiously."

9. Instead of "I'm tired" . . . say "I'm fatigued."

10. Instead of "asking" about something . . . "inquire" about it.

Or, as we used to do in school, you can just highlight a regular word and right click to bring up the "thesaurus" option. worked every time!

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