Whose set of rights are more important?

Kosher hotel pool rules

If you are reading the above schedule, you are probably scratching your head as to what decade and where on earth is this photo is from.

My family and I just returned from a quick trip up north to see the ice castles and to go snow tubing. It was a last minute decision to head out so I went to hotels.com to see if I could find anything available. You can cancel your reservation last minute and not pay which is why I use the website to book last minute getaways often. 

The Arlington had a 4.5-star review, had an indoor pool, gaming room for the kids, was 20 minutes from where I wanted to be so it checked all of my boxes. 15 minutes before we arrived I started taking a closer look at the hotel that I had booked. The reviews began telling a tale that I had to investigate. A mix of 5-star and 2-star reviews had me scratching my head, what could be happening here? I went directly to The Arlington Hotel website and saw that it was a kosher hotel that served everyone and thought, oh well no bacon at breakfast, we can just eat elsewhere.

Then the bathing hours had me scratching my head;

Am I in an episode of Black Mirror or the Twilight Zone?

Is this even legal? 

Whose rights are more important? 

I wanted to scream "Woman's suffrage, Jim Crow, #Metoo, ill-treatment of LGBTIQ persons."

I mean, I understand that if I am going on a vacation to Dubai, I need to respect local culture and rules and wear a Burqa- so I choose not to visit that place.

How the hell is this happening in New Hampshire?

After my initial shock and panic, I took a deep breath and really thought through why I felt so conflicted.

Then, I felt like a jerk.

This Hotel caters to a group of people with strong religious beliefs, and I chose to stay in this hotel, so I used this as a learning experience for my children and myself. 

We followed the rules and waited our turn for the pool to spend family time together. We learned about practicing/ non-practicing, branches, sects, and divisions of Judaism.

We learned that Hasidic Jews are Orthodox, but most Orthodox are not Hasidic. 

We learned what was Kosher, and what a Mezuzah was outside of every door in our hotel.


We made a reservation we wouldn't have made if we had all of the information, and made it an experience. My family isn't every family.

Should Hotels.com have disclaimer on this hotel- 100%

Did we make the most of it; absolutely.


Dan & Stephanie

Dan & Stephanie

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