Battle of the Badges V

Thank you to all of the teams that came out to our 5th annual Battle of the Badges!

Congratulations to our winners Plymouth County Screwballs from the Plymouth County Sheriffs Office who raised $1,000 for 24 Power Hour.

  1. PLYMOUTH COUNTY SCREWBALLS, Plymouth County Sheriffs Office
  2. DENNIS FIRE, Dennis Fire Department
  3. HOSE BEFORE BROS, Chatham Fire
  4. CHATHAM STARS AND STRIKES, Chatham Police Department
  5. BURNING DESIRES, Yarmouth Fire
  6. HOT SHOTS, Barnstable Police
  7. BOURNE'S BRAVEST, Bourne Fire
  8. TOASTED, Sandwich Fire
  9. AAA WITH A BADGE, Massachusetts State Police
  10. CALL AN UBER, Chatham Fire Rescue
  11. GIRLS IN PEARLS, Barnstable Police Civilian Staff
  12. BLUE THUNDER, Wareham Police Department
  13. SHOOT'S N LADDERS, Yarmouth Fire

Photo Credit: Julia Cumes,

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