Pet of The Week: Beau

Meet Beau!

Beau is a ten year old English Springer Spaniel with a sweet personality. Beau loves to be with his human friends. He likes to lean on them and get pet all over. Beau is also very active. He loves to go for long walks and enjoys being outside in all weather. His adopter should feel comfortable exercising him on a regular basis to ensure he gets all the physical stimulation he wants!

Like many dogs, Beau was reported to have some resource guarding behaviors. This means that Beau can become very possessive of items that he considers valuable. In his previous home, this was behavior was limited to high value food items that Beau would steal from the kitchen counter. Moving forward, it will be important that Beau's adopters are able to manage him appropriately in the home by keeping him away from the kitchen when they are cooking or eating. Baby gates or a dog crate are great ways to do this! Since Beau has this behavioral concern he will need to go to an adult only home and we recommend that he is the only dog.

Beau's owner should also be comfortable with veterinary care as he has some allergies that will need ongoing monitoring!

If you are interested in adopting Beau, please fill out the ARL web form, available here:

Cape Adoption Inquiry Form

You can expect a response to your inquiry from a member of our adoption staff within 48 hours of completing this form. Due to our high volume of inquiries, please refrain from calling unless that time frame has passed. If needed, you can reach the Brewster shelter at 617-426-9170 x305. The Animal Rescue League of Boston is currently operating by appointment only Tuesday-Sunday 11am-4pm. Our Adoption Forward process will start with a phone conversation.

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