Pet Of The Week: Sully

Meet Sully!

Sully, a year and a half old labradoodle is going to need a very special adopter because he has had a very isolated upbringing. As a result, Sully is fearful around new places or new people, and frequently doesn't want to walk to new areas. Once he has gotten to know you, he is bouncy and excitable and it is clear that Sully hasn't yet learned polite manners. He is a doodle mix of about 60 lbs, which is a lot of dog when he is exuberant! Sully will do best in a low traffic home with teens and adults who can all help work on his manners. 

Because he has not had the opportunity to live in a home before, it will require patience and encouragement as Sully adjusts to the joys of being a family pet! Part of this will be helping him learn about house training and polite manners within the home - everything is going to be new for him at first. During his stay here, we've been helping Sully to become more comfortable going into a home setting.

Sully has lived with other dogs, although not in a typical household setting. His new family will need to visit with Sully here in Brewster several times to start to form a relationship before he goes home, and be prepared for all the challenges that come with acclimating a fearful adult dog to a house for the first time. When he is in his new home you can we have a wonderful post adopt support system to help new adopter with issues/concerns the would arise.

Sully will do best in a home with a fenced yard and a confident canine companion.

If you are interested in adopting Sully, please fill out the ARL web form, available here:

Cape Adoption Inquiry Form

You can expect a response to your inquiry from a member of our adoption staff within 48 hours of completing this form. Due to our high volume of inquiries, please refrain from calling unless that time frame has passed. If needed, you can reach the Brewster shelter at 617-426-9170 x305. The Animal Rescue League of Boston is currently operating by appointment only Tuesday-Sunday 11am-4pm. Our Adoption Forward process will start with a phone conversation.

Sully The Labradoodle

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