Chrissy Teigen Reveals Which Celebrities Have Slid Into Her DMs


The Queen of Twitter, Miss Chrissy Teigen, has just revealed all, well, not all, but a lot of her Twitter secrets.

While chatting with the social media platform for a special tell-all Twitter Bird video, the Cravings author dished on a number of hot tips, including what's happening in her DMs (direct messages). "Me and Mindy Kaling talking about face masks," she shared while looking through her messages, which also included her talking to @darth and "basically a ton of Bravo stars." Also in her messages was a word of encouragement from Diddy, who told her "to have a blessed day." While continuing to scroll through her DMs, Chrissy admitted that she needs to start writing "people back."

Chrissy's Twitter confessions didn't end there, the mom-of-two additionally revealed the strangest place she's ever used the app. "I've take [Twitter] into the delivery room," she admitted.


The famously outspoken Lip Sync Battle host also discussed her thoughts on Twitter possibly getting an "edit" button. "I used to think there should be and now I completely do not. I am so anti the edit button," she said with passion. "The things people will do to that. Responses that will get mangled. It's just a really messy situation."

Being that Chrissy always seems to tweeting some witty response and/or making some incredibly iconic proclamation, she broke down her daily usage of the app. "I check [Twitter] too often. I wake up around maybe 7/7:30 and then I check you again maybe ten minutes later. Maybe I go to the bathroom probably still checking you. Then I come back to bed, do some emails, also go back to check you 1 A.M. when I usually go to bed and then again for my pee break around 3:30 A.M. That's a lot."

Photo: Getty Images


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